Boring Weekend

Well, this past week was good. I picked up my tix to see Chuck Palahniuk on May 25th. I’m super excited about seeing him. I’ve been waiting for this since ’99 and I first read Fight Club. The man is my inspiration to try and make my life more interesting.

Last night I watched Grey’s Anatomy. Amazing. I don’t know why George just doesn’t leave Callie for Izzie. I mean, they’re perfect together. I just about died with George’s reaction to “the wife always knows.” So angsty, I love it! It’s like crack.

Last Saturday we went to Kevin’s parents for his 36th B-Day celebration. It was nice. They made a salad just for Kevin. Spinach, walnuts and cranberries with raspberry-walnut dressing. It’s both of our favourite salad. But Kevin’s Dad is a bad influence. I was ready to leave at 10:30 when he’s all “no, don’t go! Have another glass!” So, anyways, at 2:30 we’re trashed and talking to each other but apparently all holding our own conversations. Poor Kevin… he was the only sober one on his birthday! 😦 But the weirdest thing was my teeth have hurt in my jaw for the rest of this past week. I’ve had sore teeth after drinking before but this was ridiculous!

Also, I am loving this weather. It’s beautiful June weather. Yesterday instead of transferring to my 2nd bus I just walked from Graham. I enjoyed it and it only took 20 minutes from getting off the bus to walking into the apartment. I think I’m going to do that for the rest of the summer… at least then I’ll get some form of exercise.

I haven’t studied all week for my stupid business law course. I need to do some cramming this weekend. That sucks. Will I never learn? I did this with my accounting course as well. I’m such a procrastinator.


~ by Cara on April 27, 2007.

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