Wow! It’s been a long time. I’m a big slacker.

So what has happened since last time? Well, I just finished watching Traveler. I just didn’t turn the TV off after watching Grey’s (amazing!) and started watching this show. It is frickin‘ amazing! I am a huge sucker for any show involving conspiracies, whether they be government related or not.

I got my exam mark today for my FA1 exam. 91.5%. Awesome. So they round my final grade off to 92%. I’ve also decided to drop Economics 1 over the summer session. I just have too many other things on my plate to have to worry about that course as well.

I’m getting laser eye surgery. I went for my consultation on April 20th. I am a candidate, no problems with my eyes. That consultation was crazy. I have never had people shine so many bright lights in my eyes, nor so many eyedrops, nor so many little probe thingie’s poking my eyeball, in my life. I’m getting the Wavefront procedure done, it’s on sale right now, instead of the regular $3500 it’s on for $1990. I cannot wait! I’ve been wearing glasses since grade 5. This is going to be amazing! No more taking off my glasses in the rain, or for swimming, no more having to worry about buying expensive contact lenses that end up being uncomfortable after 2 hours and I have to take them out on break at work. No more waking up in the middle of the night, looking at my alarm clock and not being able to read the time.

I’ve decided I need to start exercising also. I am so out of shape it’s pathetic. In Amber’s apartment there’s this 85 year old man who goes swimming every single day. His legs are like twigs and he needs a wheelchair to get around, but put him in that pool and he can go for half an hour. This guy is in better shape than me. Imagine how I feel.

Also, I got a 75 cent raise at work. That was cool. Unexpected. I love my job. It’s the first job I’ve ever had where I don’t hate it and wish the company would shut down so I could get laid off. Well, that actually did happen once, but I didn’t mind that job. It was pretty slack, I gotta admit.

I hung out with Karen last Friday for the first time in like 9 months. That was horrible. It shouldn’t be that tough to get together with a friend. We ate at Chamberlyn’s. I’ve never been there before. I ordered the quesadilla. It was delicious. That was also the first time I parked in the Winnipeg Square parkade. That place is crazy. I got so lost looking for my car at the end of lunch. Then when I found my car, I couldn’t find my way out of the parkade. Lol. It was strange for me because I have an excellent directional sense. It was strange being lost for once.

Anyways, I finished reading The Constant Gardener. Amazing book, I liked it more than the movie. Now I actually have to go and buy the movie. I swear, I want to punch corporate greed in the face. When I put down that book I wanted to go to Africa and fight the fight, join a cause, protest, petition. There is just so much injustice in this world I can’t stand it.

I also hung out with Amber a lot this week. I’m going to miss her when she moves to Edmonton.

Well, I guess that’s it for this update. I’ve gotta go to bed now. I was woken up at 3:30am by someone yelling “Whoooooooooo!” outside our apartment. I wanted to throw something at them. I didn’t fall asleep until after 4:30, then I was up at 5:30. I dragged my ass out of bed, did everything so slow, then I had to run to the elevator, across the lobby, and go the bus stop.


~ by Cara on May 10, 2007.

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