Saturday Night At The Apartment

I should be studying.

 Instead I just finished reading Insiders by Chuck Palahniuk. I bought this entire $7.00 magazine just for Chuck’s 4-pager short story. 

 It was worth it.

He’s always said in interviews that his stories are nothing more than bits and pieces of stories people have told him.  

After going to his book tour signing in May and listening to his speech on company initiation rituals, I truly understand it now. I heard the Before, now I’m reading the After. I love how he took this topic and made it his own. It’s like seeing a diamond in the rough, then seeing it polished and set.

Now, I don’t idolize the man. I realize he is only human. I just respect him. I also want to emulate him. He hasn’t owned a TV in 10 years because he’s out living his own life, not living vicariously watching other people live theirs on camera.

I really should be studying.

 Instead I’m starting yet another blog, reading the paper, checking my email. It’s at times like this that I really love I just tried their Pitch Deaf Test. I scored in the 97th percentile. Go ahead and try it. See if you can beat me. Let me know if you do.

I should be studying.

 I figure it’s the long weekend. I still have 2 days to study. I might just go and reread The Fellowship of the Ring. I also might just rewatch Magnolia with pen and paper in hand to write down trivia questions for Flixster. Maybe I’ll go through my storage closet and try to find my Magnolia screenplay from Amazon. I might also just fold the laundry that’s been hanging on the back of the couch for 3 days now. I didn’t feel like folding, but I also didn’t want to have to deal with wrinkles. So I carefully laid out everything flat on the back of the couch. These are the lengths that I will go to to slack off.

There’s always tomorrow for studying.


~ by Cara on September 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Saturday Night At The Apartment”

  1. Studying is always better done the next day anyway.
    That reminds me, I’ve still got to pick up that magazine. 😆

  2. Ah yes studying… remind me again next week! 😉
    (still have one week off!!)

    Good luck!

  3. i’m really bad at putting studying off … but the deed must be done

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