Work, Study and a Concert

My ride showed up this morning, so that was good. It was awesome sleeping in. Buses suck in Winnipeg.

At lunch I started studying. I have to read 50 pages of the text for Module 1. As well as learn how to use AccPac, as well as read some units of the Ethics Reading Handbook. Also, some online readings.

Well, in 60 minutes I got through 7 pages. I wasn’t slacking either. I was reading the entire time. But I was reading each paragraph like five times to make sure I understood everything before moving on. The CGA people sure do not make things easy for us students.

I watched ‘Daily Planet’ and ‘How It’s Made’ on Discovery Channel while eating dinner. I found out jawbreakers contain rubber. Gross. But then, I probably wouldn’t eat a lot of stuff if I knew what went into it.

I got an email today reminding me to pick up my tix to Crowded House on Saturday. I can’t believe it, but I’m almost regretting buying those tickets. I bought their new album, Time on Earth, and I don’t like it. I haven’t really given it much of a chance, but it strikes me as boring, content, middle-aged music. My only hope is they play a lot of their old stuff. The truth is Crowded House can never truly exist without Paul Hester. In case you don’t know, he was their drummer and he commited suicide in March 2005. I never used to read the paper back then; so at work one day I pick it up at lunch. I was randomly flipping through it, and I fell across the story about his suicide. It felt like fate for me to see that paper right away, the very day it was reported. I felt a part of my life had ended. I realized then that Crowded House was never getting back together as they had been. I always had suspected Neil would regroup after 10 years. He has this whole thing with 10 year cycles. Ten years in Split Enz. Ten years in Crowded House. Ten years for his solo career.

I really wish I had spent my money on Matthew Good tickets. Now he still has the passion and style of music that I love. True, he did just go through a divorce, accidentally OD and almost die, as well as get diagnosed with depression and Bipolar Disorder, but all his misery makes for amazing music. Maybe I can still win tickets on the radio.


~ by Cara on September 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Work, Study and a Concert”

  1. i rarely eat candy or anything high in sugar. wait, i lied. i drink those caramel frappuccinos after a bust ass work out. but that’s it. i fear going into a diabetic shock even though i’m not diabetic

  2. Okay. Is this posted in the correct place? I seem to be missing the beginning of the conversation.

  3. I think he was talking about the jawbreakers. Bus suck where I live too. Lucky for me that I have a car, or it would take me hours to get somewhere.

  4. I love Matthew Good’s new stuff. His old stuff was pretty hit & miss with me, but that Born Losers song, has made me a fan again…too bad the concert is sold out. I guess I’ll just have to spend my money on Rob Zombie instead! 😈

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