Crowded House Concert Review

I have been slowly writing this since Saturday night, and only now just publishing it, a whole 4 days later.

The Best Concert of My Life

I have been in the midst of one of my melancholy stages where I don’t listen to anything upbeat. This concert has fixed my temporary depression. I have waited to see Crowded House in concert for 13 long, long years. Half my life span I’ve wanted to see them in concert and now it’s finally happened. I’m still in disbelief. I couldn’t stop smiling on Saturday night or Sunday morning. Kevin asked me how the concert was when I got back at 11:30, and I jumped up and down in front of him repeating, “It was awesome, awesome, awesome!” Lol. I haven’t acted that giddy in years.

Me and Lynn (Kevin’s Step-Mom) got there a little before 7pm and hung around in the waiting area. We went in at 7:30 and listened to several songs by Liam Finn, Neil’s son. I gotta say the lumberjack beard did nothing for me. But it was immediately obvious that he was his father’s son. He has a similar voice. He cracked a joke that he had just smoked up and was kinda gone. After he had finished his set I told Lynn that I believed it. Lynn disagreed and said she thought he was more together than he let on, since he was controlling all these music gadgets on stage. He plays some mean drums.

At one point when he was jamming along someone ran on from off stage wearing this giant wizard-like hat that covered their face. This wizard started dancing in a voo-doo-like, arms-waving-around style towards Liam, then he ran offstage again. It was trippy. I still wonder who it was.

After Liam finished, and another set-up break we were treated to Pete Yorn. I admit, the first 2 songs he performed were not to my liking, but I did like several of his songs throughout his set. I think I might just download some of his stuff.

Once he finished, there was another break and set up started for Crowded House. At this point I was getting extremely anxious and excited. Finally, the lights went off and the guys came on stage. The crowd went nuts.

They started with Mean To Me, then went right into World Where You Live. After this I forget what order things happened. I think they played Don’t Stop Now at this point. They also played Empty House somewhere in the evening. I sang along to every word of every song, except the Time on Earth songs. They played so many of my favourites too. They played Private Universe, Black and White Boy, In My Command, and Love You Til The Day I Die. I cannot describe my level of happiness as I got to yell out along with Neil the words “I will love you til the day I die.”

The night was magical. There was lots of casual banter. They remarked about their dinner at Ivory. They had mixed opinions on the food.

They jokingly played the first line to I Got You then played a different song. After they were done the song someone yelled for I Got You. Either Neil or Mark said they had been a tease, or something like that, so they actually played it!

I remember they left, then came back for the first encore. They played a fantastic Locked Out. I remember Something So Strong, Don’t Dream It’s Over, and they finished the night with Better Be Home Soon.

I seriously can’t wait for them to come back again. Just as long as it isn’t another 13 years.


~ by Cara on September 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Crowded House Concert Review”

  1. I miss good concerts. They’re so far apart and few in between.

  2. Going to see Crowded House on Friday night in Melbourne. After your account of the concert i am hanging out so bad!! Like you I have waited and waited! Three more sleeps!!!

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