Interpol and Dreams

  • I had two dreams over the weekend that got me introspective and considering. I’ve always been a proponent of the ability of dreams to reveal our subconscious. I had a dream Sunday morning right before waking up that was very revealing if not that surprising. I’m not going to elaborate on it, but I wanted to have a record of it so I would have a time reference down the line. Then sometime during Sunday night’s sleep I had a dream along the same line. It had a common element in it, but it was completely different. A less intimate, more frantic atmosphere. I’ve been thinking about these dreams all day today. Wondering what precisely they mean. Should I interpret them favourably or as omens. A warning. Be careful.
  • I just watched the video for Interpol’s song “No I in Threesome” and enjoyed it. It didn’t really add anything to the song, but it went well with the general atmosphere in the music. I love the whole album of Our Love to Admire. I love Last FM for introducing me to Interpol’s fabulous sounds.

~ by Cara on September 17, 2007.

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