Zombie Walk, Adobe Acrobat, and TV Premieres

Zombie Walk

The Zombie Walk 2007 event that I’ve been attempting to organize is snowballing beyond anything I had anticipated. I organized a water fight in the summer and 15 people showed up. This is currently at 105 people attending and there’s still 1000 invites out and a month to go. Also there are 400 “Maybe’s” that might show up in addition. Fortunately, I’ve got several people who are interested in organizing it with me.

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Level 1

On Friday I went to a training class with my boss and supervisor. We went to Presidio Learning’s Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Level 1 all-day class. Overall, I found it quite fun. I found out more about making and using PDF files than I could ever hope to know. Also, we got this cool little textbook and CD-Rom to bring home and reinforce our learning on.

 At lunch all three of us went to Ira’s Deli on Lombard. I had the chicken soup with matza balls. I’ve never had Matza balls before and I thought they would be more cheese-based when I ordered them. Surprise, surprise when they came and I found they were not cheesy, but they were good nonetheless.

At the end of the day I was getting a ride home from my supervisor when her battery wouldn’t turn over in her car. I hung around with her while she called CAA, and waited for the tow truck to give her a boost. I probably could have walked home in the same amount of time, but this way she had some company in the parking lot.

While we were waiting I mentioned a video I had seen on MetaCafe that told you how to charge your battery in an emergency. Yesterday I thought the ingredient was Pepsi. After watching the video again I realize the ingredient was wine. I’m really glad we didn’t pour Pepsi in her battery cells. Lol. She would have got to the mechanic afterwards and he would have been, “What the f**k?”

Fall TV Premieres

Ah, September. I get so excited for all the show premieres. I watched the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, House, Heroes, and last week Survivor: China. I got Kevin to download The Office for me since it conflicted with Grey’s. I also need him to download Boston Legal. Also, South Park is airing a new episode very soon on Oct. 3rd that Kevin needs to download: Cartman Gets Tourette’s.


Tonight me and Kevin are going to a social with a friend of his from work. Apparently it’s for his friend’s wife’s friend who has lived in Toronto for many years and is coming back to visit. It’s a wedding social, only the couple aren’t even engaged. I’m not really sure how this works. Isn’t this the very nature of society breaking down? I mean, if we could throw wedding socials even when you’re not even getting married then I would have thrown several by this point in my life.


~ by Cara on September 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “Zombie Walk, Adobe Acrobat, and TV Premieres”

  1. I saw one of my friends accepted an invite for the Zombie Walk. One down, 5 more to go.

    I love all Adobe programs! Too bad they’re so damn expensive. I need a new edition of Photoshop in the worst kinda way.

    I love Heroes, and I’m really starting to like House. Also, this Chuck show looks promising. Bones is also an awesome show. I’ve watched too much television this week. South Park is really pulling out the stops with this unsensored thing. Cartman with Tourettes = Pure. Gold.

    I’m gonna pretend to get married, so I can have a wedding social. I could use some nice things.

  2. Awesome on the recruiting Mark.
    I decided not to watch Chuck since I felt it would get cancelled…maybe I was wrong.
    For the social, just say you’re marrying yourself.
    Like Carrie on Sex and the City. Although I don’t expect you to get that reference.

  3. I do love myself…. 😮

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