RIP Squirrel

Today I killed a squirrel in my car.

 I was quickly going to Safeway to pick up milk and was in the turning lane, I accelerated like I always do before reaching the corner and all of a sudden I see a squirrel run right out in front of me from the left. I screamed, hit the brakes, and kept the wheel straight because he was between the wheels. I thought I would go right over him. Thank God, there were no other vehicles around me at the moment.

I stopped, looked behind me, and saw his tail jerking all around. I thought I had just knocked him over and he was dizzy. I quickly did a loop around the block, parked nearby and ran to where the accident happened. When I got there, he wasn’t moving. I saw little red splatters around his head on the pavement. I knew then he was dead. I stood there for a moment not sure what to do. I felt bad just leaving him there on the road, but I knew enough not to touch him as he might have some disease.

This is the first time I’ve ever hit something. I immediately called Kevin and told him what happened. He consoled me and assured me the squirrel probably died on impact and the movement I saw was just his nerves going haywire after death. I really hope he’s right.

Kevin said to buy some comfort food, so after I got to Safeway I ordered a Raspberry Mocha. The serving girl asked how my day was going and I told her ‘not well’ and proceeded to tell her what had just happened. She said it’s sad, but these things happen, at least it wasn’t a cat or dog. I wasn’t sure how to feel regarding this statement. It is true I would have been devastated if I had hit a cat. At the same time, I felt it was sad that a squirrel is considered less important and worth less sadness.


~ by Cara on October 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “RIP Squirrel”

  1. ohhhh, that is so sad… poor little squittle. it’s not fair when this sort of thing happens to animal lovers. hopefully this fills your lifetime roadkill quota and it won’t happen again.

    and, again, not to downplay the importance of the squirrel, but good thing you didn’t hit a deer or something, where the deer might have lived but been badly hurt, you could have been hurt, and your car damaged… even with shitty things that happpen there is usually a bright(er) side.

  2. I think all the squirrels and rabbits in this town are suicidal.
    I blame global warming….

  3. damn … poor squirrel had no chance against a 2000 lb. car

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