Busy, Busy October

I either need to find myself a timeturner or give up sleep because life has gotten busy. I am desperately trying to keep up with my studying. Those CGA curriculum developers are slave drivers. Work level is picking up. Apparently summer is our slow time. I had a scanner and Adobe Acrobat installed on my computer. I now have to go back to the fiscal year beginning (June 1) and scan every invoice. How many invoices is this? I have no idea, but it’s a lot. I had been hoping to complete my normal work as fast as humanly possible and use any free time for studying at my desk. This scanning project has effectively crushed that idea.

Tomorrow we have a Thanksgiving dinner with my family at my Aunt’s house. On Monday we have a dinner with Kevin’s family at his Dad and Step-Mom’s house. I am attempting to stay on top of organizing this Zombie flash mob but with more and more people signing up and people all saying “let’s do this” it’s getting a little unruly.


~ by Cara on October 7, 2007.

One Response to “Busy, Busy October”

  1. I’m still hyped for the Zombie walk. Just say when and where and I’ll make sure I have someone that looks like me near by to take the fall in case the cops decide to bust up the fun. 😀

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