Bride Prize Finally Arrived!

I finally got my gift from Chuck Palahniuk for dressing up as a bride in May. There’s a lot of cool stuff in it!

 Gift from Chuck

 Here’s a list:

  • Strawberries & Crème Scented Body Butter
  • 2 Temporary Tattoos
  • Forget Me Not Seeds
  • Carrot Seeds
  • A fake amputated finger
  • A small bouncie ball with the word cool on one side and a Kanji character on the other side
  • A green jewel
  • A scented tea light in a fancy candle holder
  • Trick Snapping Gum with Cockroach
  • Whitman’s Assorted Chocolates
  • Bath & Bloom Natural Handmade Soap – Cherry Almond with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Relight Birthday Candles
  • Liquid Blood Capsules
  • Rubber Chicken Keychain
  • A Swiss Army Knife
  • A custom beaded necklace
  • Chuck Palahniuk Tour Stories Volume 1 CD
  • Chuck Palahniuk Tour Stories Volume 2 CD
  • Signed letter from Chuck
  • Lots of confetti to get all over my kitchen table, chair, floor, and my clothing

It’s obvious he put a lot of thought into it. Almost everything in here has some connection to one of his book’s.  How Chuck uses the color Forget Me Not Blue in every novel, the candles hat won’t go out in Fight Club, the soap from Fight Club, the carrot from Guts.

I’m especially excited about the 2 CD’s. I never expected these. I can’t wait to listen to them!


~ by Cara on October 31, 2007.

One Response to “Bride Prize Finally Arrived!”

  1. I’m so jealous!
    I knew I should have dressed up as a bride….

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