Married Life and Being Pregnant

Yesterday I got married. It was nothing big or extravagant. It was just a small ceremony at The Round Table here in Winnipeg with both of our immediate families. We were there from 5-8pm and had a great time. That was the first time in over 5 years of being together that we got our entire families in one place to meet each other.

 Now, me and Kevin don’t consider this to be our official wedding. It is our legal wedding. I truly wanted us to be married before the birth of our child. It’s not a religious thing, or pressure from any family. It’s just that I always wanted to be married first. I kind of had to fight for this small ceremony. Everyone just wanted us to keep the wedding in October like we had originally planned.  Our “official” wedding is still October 4th. That is when I will wear a wedding dress, we’ll both exchange rings, have a wedding party, reception, photographer, extended family and friends, etc.


Regarding being pregnant, I just noticed this afternoon my first tiny stretch marks. They were not there yesterday. I had Kevin verify this. He also looks at my stomach every day and he agrees they just appeared today. I was so hopeful that I might not get stretch marks. I guess I’m in with the 95% of women who get them and not that super lucky 5%. Kevin said he doesn’t mind, that I won’t be any less sexy to him because of them. That’s one of the reasons I love him so much. 🙂


~ by Cara on March 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Married Life and Being Pregnant”

  1. That’s how it happened to me. No strech marks one day, tons the next. And to add insult to injury I had my daughter a week later. One week and I wouldn’t have had strech marks! Don’t worry they eventually start to fade… Congrats on the wedding!

  2. That sucks, you must have thought you were in the clear by that point. I still have 14 more weeks until my due date. But thanks!

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