Efficiency, Monetized Blogging, and Zombies

On Becoming an Organized Person

I realize that this blog has been erratic and haphazard at the best of times.¬† This matches quite well with the experience of knowing me in real life. ūüėȬ† I have come to¬† the realization over the last month or so that I am a very disorganized person.¬† I want this to change, but so far, even with my desire to change, it hasn’t happened.¬† The problem is that I don’t believe in baby steps.¬† It’s an all or nothing approach. Big transformation or nothing at all.¬† Then, when I can’t do it, I just give up and revert to old habits.¬† Now that I recognize the problem for what it is, hopefully I can avoid it.¬† I am going to start with baby steps.

For instance, today I created a to-do list:

  • Wash the dishes
  • Give Athena a bath before Kevin is done work
  • Take out the garbage and recycling
  • Have a shower
  • Complete a load of laundry
  • Make the bed

Now, this list doesn’t look that complicated, but on most days I¬†complete only¬†one or two¬†of those items.¬† I realize this is bad.¬† So, my objective for today was to do all of these items.¬† It is now almost time to go pick Kevin up from work.¬† Out of the six items on the list I have completed 4 of them.¬† Now, normally I would regard this as a failure and wallow in self pity about how hard life is.¬† However, today I am going to regard this as a success.¬† This is more than I would have normally accomplished.¬† I choose to be happy about this.¬† The two items I haven’t completed can be completed this evening after dinner.¬† I hope to maintain this trend from now on.

On Blogging

I recently discovered that you can make money online through running a monetized blog.  Lately our finances have been tight, and I was desperate to find some way to increase our income without having to leave the apartment.  I have been doing research on the topic to figure out how to start and have so far found some very good resources:

I was actually referred to ProBlogger from Steve Pavlina’s website (below) and loved it.¬† ProBlogger is actually a gentleman named Darren Rowse. He is a full-time blogger and helps other people learn how to blog effectively.¬† He’s been blogging for a long time and, in my opinion, is quite the expert.¬† There is a lot to his site and I find it very useful. I also follow him on twitter.

I can’t exactly recall how I came across Steve’s site. I probably typed something into google along the lines of “monetized blogging,” but who actually knows?¬† Steve’s website is mostly on personal development, but he does have several well written articles on blogging.¬† My favourite is How to Make Money From Your Blog.¬† It’s an extremely long article, but it covers a lot of essential information. I recommend setting aside the time to read the complete article.¬† This was one of the first things I read after deciding I wanted to investigate monetized blogging and it really increased my knowledge base.

Now, this site is a little different. You have to pay to get access to all the resources.¬†¬†It’s $19.95 per month.¬† My budget does not allow for this to¬†be spent right now.¬†However, there is a free 3-day¬†trial which I have subscribed to and checked out.¬† From the brief time I had to look around and read what the course is about, I felt it was a pretty nice website and program. She also has a forum set up for people to discuss how they are doing in the program.¬† Now, I am not going to go into anything of what is involved in the program so as to not step on Amy’s toes, but there is a solid strategy with very specific directions on how to duplicate your results.¬† You’ll just have to take the free trial and find out for yourself.¬† I think I might subscribe when me and Kevin have a little disposable income available.

On Funny News Items

Zombies, Raptors ahead!

I read about this story last week and laughed my head off.¬† This is totally Project Mayhem homework.¬† That’s a Fight Club reference to the uninitiated.¬† I can get a vividly clear mental picture of the daily commuters on the highway, maybe drinking their Starbuck’s or checking their Blackberry, then looking up to the construction sign by the side of the road and being warned, “Zombies in the area! Run!”¬†


~ by Cara on February 12, 2009.

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