Busy, Busy October

•October 7, 2007 • 1 Comment

I either need to find myself a timeturner or give up sleep because life has gotten busy. I am desperately trying to keep up with my studying. Those CGA curriculum developers are slave drivers. Work level is picking up. Apparently summer is our slow time. I had a scanner and Adobe Acrobat installed on my computer. I now have to go back to the fiscal year beginning (June 1) and scan every invoice. How many invoices is this? I have no idea, but it’s a lot. I had been hoping to complete my normal work as fast as humanly possible and use any free time for studying at my desk. This scanning project has effectively crushed that idea.

Tomorrow we have a Thanksgiving dinner with my family at my Aunt’s house. On Monday we have a dinner with Kevin’s family at his Dad and Step-Mom’s house. I am attempting to stay on top of organizing this Zombie flash mob but with more and more people signing up and people all saying “let’s do this” it’s getting a little unruly.


RIP Squirrel

•October 2, 2007 • 3 Comments

Today I killed a squirrel in my car.

 I was quickly going to Safeway to pick up milk and was in the turning lane, I accelerated like I always do before reaching the corner and all of a sudden I see a squirrel run right out in front of me from the left. I screamed, hit the brakes, and kept the wheel straight because he was between the wheels. I thought I would go right over him. Thank God, there were no other vehicles around me at the moment.

I stopped, looked behind me, and saw his tail jerking all around. I thought I had just knocked him over and he was dizzy. I quickly did a loop around the block, parked nearby and ran to where the accident happened. When I got there, he wasn’t moving. I saw little red splatters around his head on the pavement. I knew then he was dead. I stood there for a moment not sure what to do. I felt bad just leaving him there on the road, but I knew enough not to touch him as he might have some disease.

This is the first time I’ve ever hit something. I immediately called Kevin and told him what happened. He consoled me and assured me the squirrel probably died on impact and the movement I saw was just his nerves going haywire after death. I really hope he’s right.

Kevin said to buy some comfort food, so after I got to Safeway I ordered a Raspberry Mocha. The serving girl asked how my day was going and I told her ‘not well’ and proceeded to tell her what had just happened. She said it’s sad, but these things happen, at least it wasn’t a cat or dog. I wasn’t sure how to feel regarding this statement. It is true I would have been devastated if I had hit a cat. At the same time, I felt it was sad that a squirrel is considered less important and worth less sadness.

Zombie Walk, Adobe Acrobat, and TV Premieres

•September 29, 2007 • 3 Comments

Zombie Walk

The Zombie Walk 2007 event that I’ve been attempting to organize is snowballing beyond anything I had anticipated. I organized a water fight in the summer and 15 people showed up. This is currently at 105 people attending and there’s still 1000 invites out and a month to go. Also there are 400 “Maybe’s” that might show up in addition. Fortunately, I’ve got several people who are interested in organizing it with me.

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Level 1

On Friday I went to a training class with my boss and supervisor. We went to Presidio Learning’s Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Level 1 all-day class. Overall, I found it quite fun. I found out more about making and using PDF files than I could ever hope to know. Also, we got this cool little textbook and CD-Rom to bring home and reinforce our learning on.

 At lunch all three of us went to Ira’s Deli on Lombard. I had the chicken soup with matza balls. I’ve never had Matza balls before and I thought they would be more cheese-based when I ordered them. Surprise, surprise when they came and I found they were not cheesy, but they were good nonetheless.

At the end of the day I was getting a ride home from my supervisor when her battery wouldn’t turn over in her car. I hung around with her while she called CAA, and waited for the tow truck to give her a boost. I probably could have walked home in the same amount of time, but this way she had some company in the parking lot.

While we were waiting I mentioned a video I had seen on MetaCafe that told you how to charge your battery in an emergency. Yesterday I thought the ingredient was Pepsi. After watching the video again I realize the ingredient was wine. I’m really glad we didn’t pour Pepsi in her battery cells. Lol. She would have got to the mechanic afterwards and he would have been, “What the f**k?”

Fall TV Premieres

Ah, September. I get so excited for all the show premieres. I watched the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, House, Heroes, and last week Survivor: China. I got Kevin to download The Office for me since it conflicted with Grey’s. I also need him to download Boston Legal. Also, South Park is airing a new episode very soon on Oct. 3rd that Kevin needs to download: Cartman Gets Tourette’s.


Tonight me and Kevin are going to a social with a friend of his from work. Apparently it’s for his friend’s wife’s friend who has lived in Toronto for many years and is coming back to visit. It’s a wedding social, only the couple aren’t even engaged. I’m not really sure how this works. Isn’t this the very nature of society breaking down? I mean, if we could throw wedding socials even when you’re not even getting married then I would have thrown several by this point in my life.

Busy Weekend

•September 24, 2007 • 1 Comment

I had the busiest Sunday in memory. Me and Kevin left the apartment at 10am to go to the Christening of my cousins’ baby. Kevin had to film it, I had to take photographs. Me and Kevin aren’t really church people. My parents never took me to church, and Kevin hasn’t been since the 80’s. He was surprised they dropped the Latin. Actually, I think he was kinda upset they dropped the Latin. Anyways, me and Kevin aren’t big fans of Christian music in general.

Father Fred did give an interesting sermon at one point in the mass. He was saying how anytime you have something of monetary value on your person you are super careful. If you have a large amount of cash, you make sure you know where it is and it won’t fall out of your pocket. If you have a winning lotto ticket, you don’t let it out of your site, etc, etc. Then he related it to the people in your life, some people ensure that the people they love about are always okay. It was very touching. He somehow brought it around to making priorities in life, not becoming too wrapped up in the little things. It reminded me of Chuck Palahniuk’s philosophy at one point. Then he ruined the mood by bringing it all around to my relationship with Jesus. I was immediately jolted back to my non-belief.

After the Christening we went to start set up for the baby shower for the same baby. It was interesting. A Jack and Jill shower. Me and Kevin resumed our duties of photographer and videographer. Yadda, yadda, yadda, next thing ya know it was 4:00 and the shower was over.

We stopped quickly by my Aunt & Uncle’s to congratulate them on a successful day, then went off to Celebrations with Kevin’s parents for a 5:30 showing of Desperate Households. We enjoyed it quite a bit. I think it was because me and Kevin both had watched Season 1 of Desperate Housewives and got the references/parallels for once.

We got home at 9:00pm and just went to bed and read until we fell asleep.

It was fun, but I cannot keep up that level of energy very often. I felt like I missed a day of relaxation.

  • I just finished watching the premiere of Heroes. It was awesome. I can’t wait for next week.
  • I’ve been wracking my brain to try and figure out the Search For Gold clues again. I need that $5000!
  • I got my hair cut on Friday. It’s the shortest I’ve had it in about 6 years. Last time I cut it his short my Mom teared up that I had cut off all my long, beautiful hair. This time around I’ve been slowly cutting it shorter over the past year. Less shocking on people.
  • I’ve decided to get Winnipeg Flash Mob into active status again. I was quite lazy over the summer. We’re going to be doing a Zombie Walk for around Halloween.

Interpol and Dreams

•September 17, 2007 • Leave a Comment
  • I had two dreams over the weekend that got me introspective and considering. I’ve always been a proponent of the ability of dreams to reveal our subconscious. I had a dream Sunday morning right before waking up that was very revealing if not that surprising. I’m not going to elaborate on it, but I wanted to have a record of it so I would have a time reference down the line. Then sometime during Sunday night’s sleep I had a dream along the same line. It had a common element in it, but it was completely different. A less intimate, more frantic atmosphere. I’ve been thinking about these dreams all day today. Wondering what precisely they mean. Should I interpret them favourably or as omens. A warning. Be careful.
  • I just watched the video for Interpol’s song “No I in Threesome” and enjoyed it. It didn’t really add anything to the song, but it went well with the general atmosphere in the music. I love the whole album of Our Love to Admire. I love Last FM for introducing me to Interpol’s fabulous sounds.

Poor Raccoon

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I’ve been carpooling to work for the past 2 weeks and it’s been great sleeping in! No more 5:30am for this lady.

Today, I was upset when I saw a dead raccoon on the side of the road on Lagimodiere. I saw it’s guts, but I could still recognize it as a raccoon and saw it’s cute little face. I wished I could have prevented him from getting hit.

At the end of the day I brought this up again with my co-worker on the car ride home. I accidentally told her, “I wish I could save the roadkill.”

She immediately started laughing.  I then realized how it sounded, and I started laughing too. I’m laughing again right now while typing this. Let me just say I fully realize that if I tried to save roadkill I would be crazy-crazy. Unless Re-Animator became a reality. Well, then I would be in danger from the raccoon… which is not preferable.

I’ve been wanting to rent Re-Animator for over a year, but never get around to it. Maybe I’ll walk to Movie Village and rent it this week. I want to compare it to the original Lovecraft story.

Anyways, I really need to finish studying now. I’m already close to falling behind.

Search for Gold and a Spooky Cat

•September 16, 2007 • 2 Comments
  • Today me and Kevin went out to Search For Gold and had a little fun. Unfortunately, we did not find the gold. People here in Winnipeg get a little obsessive every time this contest comes out. I admit, me and Kevin could use $5,000 at the moment.
  • Afterwards we went to visit my parents for a late brunch. I saw my loveable cat Spooky for the first time in months. Here’s his picture…

 Spooky Cat

Yes, those are all his toys and no, he doesn’t play with any of them. He much prefers the balled up foil from your chocolate bars.

  • Last night I went to Second Cup to see a friend I just got back in touch with. It was so nice to get out and meet someone. We had about 5 years worth of catching up to do. I enjoyed myself immensely.
  • When I got back home last night, me and Kevin decided to watch Happy Feet on our new computer monitor. I liked that movie. The first few minutes had me thinking “lame” but it got better. I sometimes wish I hadn’t quit my tap and jazz lessons. Well, I never was a fan of the jazz, but I loved the tap.

So, I’d better get a little bit of studying done before I go to bed. This slacking off can get out of control quickly enough.