My Life As Of Late

I’ve been off the radar lately. I just do this kind of thing. Every day I think things like, “I totally have to write about this on my blog!” Then I don’t. It’s as simple as that. Some people live their entire lives like this.  I have a whole lot of randomness to try and get through with this entry. I think point form bullets will be best since none of these things are seemingly related.

  • Over the past week I have fallen in love with Crowded House’s new album Time On Earth. Especially the tracks A Sigh and You Are The One to Make Me Cry. Neil performed the latter song at their concert in September and I hate to think I didn’t really appreciate it at the time. I know it’s kind of morbid but since I was young I’ve always wanted Neil’s song She Goes On to be played at my funeral. Now I still want that song, but I also want Make Me Cry to be played as well. It doesn’t really fit as well, since it’s not being sung about the dear departed lady, but actually consists of the last words/thoughts of the soon-to-be-deceased person who is lost at sea. It just makes me tear up every time I hear it.
  • Several weeks ago me and Kevin ended up watching Family Feud on a Friday afternoon. The one with John O’Hurley as host. The question was “Name the most important body part that begins with the letter L.” First funny thing is the initial buzz in to find out which family gets the question… one guy buzzed right after the word ‘part’ and heard the host start to say ‘that’ and he just said “Leg.” He was sooo lucky it is unbelievable. So, moving on. The rest of his family was quite stupid. Me and Kevin right away got the correct following answers. They were Lungs and Liver. Someone said Lungs, one guy said Lymph Nodes, I’ll admit that was quite intelligent on his behalf but I knew the general survey populace would not say that. Then one person said….get this….lips. The next girl said…..hahaha……lashes! How vain are you that you think lashes are important? They lost the question, 3 strikes, the other family said liver with no hesitation.
  • Last weekend me and Kevin were in Calgary for his Cousin Jeff’s wedding. It was beautiful! It was apparently $40,000 and held at the Sheraton. It was a traditional Ukranian Catholic ceremony in this big elaborate church. The ceremony was over an hour long and required everybody to stand through 95% of it. I don’t know what happened, but about halfway through I started to get really dizzy and feel sick to my stomach. I left, walked around outside. Felt better and returned. After another 10 minutes it started again. Again I left, as soon as  I got to the entry of the church I felt my knees go weak and I fell forward on the carpet. Of course some people run up, ask if I’m okay. I was. Kevin came and helped me up, we stood outside again, I returned and sat in a chair in the entryway but we missed the end of the ceremony. Kevin was a little sad at missing the end. I apologized, but he said not to feel bad.
    • Thanks to Laura, she suggested “Maybe Cara’s pregnant” and I had to convince people I wasn’t pregnant. I think the drinking of alcohol helped me to quell this idea.
    • On a related note, I realized that pregnancy no longer holds that “stranglehold of death” panic that it used to have over me. I’ve accepted now that I really do want to be a mother one day. If it was financially feasible I think I would move up my ETA from 32-33 to 27-28 years old. Big “IF”. Financially, me and Kevin are soooo not able to have a kid anytime in the near future. We have to pay for our wedding, get a second car, pay off our credit cards, maybe put a down payment on a house.
  • Yesterday I went with my Mom and Lynn (Kev’s Step-Mom) to the Southwood Supper Club as a possible location for our wedding. I think we’re gonna go with it. It’s very pretty. Just the kind of decor I was looking for. I also plan on having our pictures taken at the Conservatory before our ceremony. I feel like it’s all coming together! I love the Conservatory. It’s a haven during winter.
  • While in Calgary I weighed myself on Kevin’s Mom’s bathroom scale and realized I have gained 8 pounds since….get this…. July! OMG. That’s all I have to say. No wonder my loose pants are tight and I can’t fit in my tight pants. I need to start some sort of exercise. I cannot keep gaining weight. This now puts me at 28 pounds heavier than I was when I met Kevin 5 years ago. True, I was ridiculously model skinny when we met. Ultimately, I would like to lose 18 pounds. That would make me happy.

~ by Cara on October 28, 2007.

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